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COUL Corporation is an engineering company that designs SAAS Products and Solutions with enormous future value. Our development teams have 30 years combined experience in building large scale enterprise solutions. Our designs utilize advanced concepts, complex business logic, interconnected WEB services, real-time alerts, and hardware integrations with 3rd party products. We specialize in solutions that connect back-office operations to cloud-services, devices, web-interfaces and user-Apps.


COUL Stuff for You

Managed Services

With our own cloud servers we monitor your software, and can send alerts.

Hardware & Software

Our engineers know APIs and 3rd party integration. We specialize in full-service engineering and project management.

Mobile Solutions

We build mobile APPs for Android and iOS. Our web-APIs connect uPNP devices like smart cameras, smart locks, barcode, RFID scanners and other accessories.

CLOUD Integration

Having problems with an IT software product? Need a new or revised CLOUD solution ? Let us solve your issue.

CLOUD Security

Our engineers are NETWORK-certified. Security domains are considered as part of every ITIL process, service or project.

Custom Systems

We do full-service engineering, meaning we select hardware and build WebAPIs to integrate all pieces of the solution. Call us for some actual past project examples.

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Proven Processes!

Engineering involves controls and processes. At COULCORP we understand projects encounter delays. But we will not compromise quality in developing or testing solutions for your team. Our goal is building good products that meet requirements and run with minimal monitoring or corrections.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied we will rework the product until you are. That is the level of commitment we establish with all our customers.

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